Monday, February 1, 2010

Small Black Granuels In Stool These Small Black Beetle Looking Bugs Keep Crawling Around My Carpet. What Are These Bug And How Do I Rid Them?

These small black beetle looking bugs keep crawling around my carpet. What are these bug and how do i rid them? - small black granuels in stool

They are small and black and seems to be a hard shell like a beetle have, but it seems to be a pest. This increase daily. I have 2 yesterday, but today, at about 9. I want to really identify and discard it. Appears only in bright rooms and not in a dark room in the house.

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  1. an image that is really necessary ... Trogoderma guess black or a "blunt" under one roof. Those who scroll to the light, so even if a cupboard in a dark room in the illuminated area